Synchro Trampoline



Simon and Mark first competitors of day.  With a good start to their first routine, they finished slightly out for last few skills scoring 36.9.

Russian pair of Kozyakov and Pokroev surprisingly did not complete their first routine.  This was then followed by the Ukrainians, Nikitin and Matvyev also hitting the mat on final outbounce.  However the French pair of Martiny and Pennes completed a fantastic first round routine scoring 39.6.  Theses were followed by the German team of Gromowski and Luxon who then incompleted their routine.

Gary and Gary pair number 2 for Great Britain made a good start but unfortunately for Gary Short, he cast and went down the springs half way through the routine.

These were followed by Belarus pair Kakorko and Kazak, a very sound routine scoring 39.5.


In the 2nd round, Simon and Mark started with a 2 Triff routine.  Things were looking good however Simon found himself casting to one side and was unable to carry on.  The Russians Kozyakov and Pokroev also hit the mat during their routine.  They were followed by Ukrainians Nikitin and Matvyev who also incompleted their 2nd round competition.  French pair Martiny and Pennes followed up their superb 1st round by rather an inconsistent 2nd routine.  None the less they were one of very few to complete 10 bounces and finished with 85.5.  Germans Gromowski and Luxon followed suit of a number of performers all falling off the same side of the same trampoline.  Once again for Gary and Gary luck was not on their side and their routine was incomplete giving them an overall total of 20.3.  Belarussians Kakorko ad Kazak followed up their first round with a sound 2nd routine and overall total 88.0.


After the disappointment of the 1st group, the 2nd group started with the Irish pair of Dooley and Flannery.  However they performed two different skills and their routine terminated.  The Canadians Lecuyer and Milonja successfully completed their round with 35.9.  The 2nd German pair of Serth and Stehlik completed an outstanding routine demonstrating perfect synchro however on outbounce were unlucky to land on the end mat.  They scored 39.1.  The Japanese men carried on from their success in the individual event.  First up were Sotomura and Ueyama.  Performing an amazing routine they scored 39.3.  The Russian pair of Rusakov and Ushakov then stepped up followed suit with 39.1.

Canadians Lecuyer and Milonjer performed different 10th skills and were consequently only marked from 9 moves in the 2nd round.  A good performance was then made by Serth and Stehlik, Germany.  They finished on 87.9 with a tariff of 14.8.  Japanís number 2 team of Sotomura and Ueyama completed a storming 2nd round with a massive 90.1 total on a 15.1 tarif, making their 2nd round total 50.6!  Rusakov and Ushakov were disappointing and didnít complete their 2nd round


Group 3 started with Japan number 1, Nagasaki and Nakata.  Slightly out at the beginning, they soon picked up and scored 39.1, same as Russians Rusakov/Ushakov and Germans Stehlik/Serth.  French pair Jala and Laifa only showed minor desynchronisation on their final skill, scoring 39.0  The American duo of Estrada and Weston put in good 1st round  performance, scoring 39.0.  The Danish Jensen and Petersen were last to finish the 1st round.  With a big finish to their routine, they scored 38.5.

Starting round 2 were the Japanese Nagasaki and Nakata.  They lost 0.2 for Synchro on their outbounce for a routine that also and a lot of travel.  They finished with 89.5.  The French seemed o give the Japanese a run for their money.  Jala and Laifa made a 3 Triff start to a very strong routine, tariff 15.2 and scoring a total 87.6.  Having competed a strong 1st routine, the USA team Estrada and Weston performed different skills in the 2nd and had their routine terminated.  The Danish pair Jensen and Petersen brought the Synchro qualifications to and end with a good 2nd round routine and finished with 86.2.


17th Mark Alexander / Simon Milnes 64.8, 29th Gary Smith / Gary Short 23.3


Jaime and Claire Simon and Mark Gary and Gary Somotura and Ueyama




In the Ladies qualification, early standard was set by the Ukrainian pair of Movchan and Domchevska with a score of 38.2.  There was a surprise withdrawal by the Canadian team of Brenna Casey and Sarah Charles in this group.  The Polish pair of Mokrzycka and Stanek put in a good performance with 37.2.

In the 2nd round, another very good performance by Movchan and Domchevska scored a total 84.4.


The Japanese pair Hanmoto and Seto started the 2nd group and scored 37.7.  They were followed by the only Canadian pair of Cockburn and Maclennan who scored 39.3. 

Natalie OíConnor stepped in as reserve to jump with Katherine Driscoll.  They made a good start to their routine, Natalie had a little travel to one corner but the pair finished the routine scoring 35.9.  Next British pair of Jaime Moore and Claire Wright showed good synchronisation competing a good routine with a little travel but scored a strong 38.2. Again Hanmoto and Seto got round 2 off to a good start and finished with 81.3.  Followed by the Canadians Cockburn and Maclennan who also performed well, scoring 83.8.  Natalie and Katherineís 2nd round routine again demonstrated good synchronisation considering the little time they had to prepare together for the event.  They finished with a very creditable 78.2.  Jaime and Claire showed good synchronisation in their 2nd round, finishing on 84.4 with good prospects of making the final. 


The 3rd group started with a strong performance by Russians Chernova and Karavaeva.  They scored 38.7.  The only other competitive performance was made by Germans Dogonadze and Simon, scoring the highest 1st round score of 39.9.

Chernova and Karavaeva performed a much travelled 2nd routine and finished with 83.8.  Dogonadze and Simon opened their 2nd routine with Triff tucked, the only ladies pair to do so.  They finished their routine and scored a final total of 85.8 in the lead.


The Brits Finished 4th Claire Wright / Jaime Moore 84.4 (Finals Sunday), 11th Katherine Driscoll / Natalie O'Connor 78.2