IAGGS Day 1 Qualification


Trampoline Boys 11-12

Alex Watson recovered well in a routine that had some travel, as did Nathan Bailey.  Fletcher Perry  performed a more stable routine and was so pleased with his efforts ran a lap of honour round his trampoline followed by frantic waves at all who had come to support both him and GB.  Jordan George also went on and finished his routine, to be greeted by Fletcher’s hi-five!


Trampoline Girls 11-12

Lucy Ryall was our first GB trampolinist of the games.  She got Team GB off to a good start in what turned out to be a very close competition between the British Girls.

Sophie Burr then went 0.1 better than Lucy’s routine and scored 31.5.  Zoe Brookes and Sophie couldn’t be split by the panel and Zoe also scored 31.5!  Megan Lillington was the last of our performers to compete scoring just out of the top 6 final.  Well done Sophie who held her place and qualified for the final.


Eleanor Benjamin Stacey Dann Asha Philip Jason Harvey

DMT Girls 15-16

Eleanor Benjamin successfully completed both her passes, scoring 60.2 and 5th after the first group.  Jenny Bloodworth started with a good pass but was unable to stand her second.  Asha Philip was the only competitor to make the final in 4th place, with her first pass ½ out (t) mount, Double Bss (s) dismount! 


Tumbling Girls 13-14

Mica Parry was unlucky not to stick her first tumble, but followed with a very much improved second finishing with full twisting double back (p).

Michelle Brummer showed consistency in executing both her tumbles well.  Meanwhile Rachel Letsche didn’t have a very good start to her event but finished with a stronger second tumble.  Finally, Michaela Parkin had to wait until the fourth group or her tumbles.  She went on to complete both of these.


Trampoline Boys 17-18

Jason Harvey got things under way for GB.  He looked a little nervous initially, but none the less completed his routine.  Michael Wood was visibly pleased with his 10 bounce routine.  Nick Joyce competed one of the better routines in the group, only to split the panel with scores varying from a bizarre 6.9 to a more worthy 7.7.  Danny Creedon looked well on the way to making it a 100% GB success but was unlucky to clip the mat after his outbounce. 


Trampoline Girls 17-18

Lisa Blackburn got things under way for the entire group, losing some height during her routine, she successfully finished it.  Things didn’t go quite so well for Stacey Dann.  She got into trouble early in her routine with some travel and a lot of height loss, just making it to feet on her final skill.  Hannah Davies then picked things up for GB with a strong routine putting her high up on the score board.  Katie Woodgate was a little disappointed with her performance, but still managed to complete her routine.


DMT Boys 15-16

All four boys; Nicholas Ouzeman, Andrew Freeman, Daniel Johnstone and Michael Freeman put in good performances for both passes.  Daniel was the only unlucky performer with a failed second pass dismounting with triple back (t) missing his feet on landing. 


Tumbling Boys 13-14

Team GB were disappointing in this group, with most tumbles coming in short and landing on knees.  Sean Heather managed to get his first tumble round ok, as did Ryan Dyer’s second tumble.  Unfortunately for both Benjamin Leach and Daniel Knowles neither of their tumbles made it successfully round to an upright position.


Daniel Knowles Ryan Dyer Michaela Parkin Sophie Burr \ Megen Lillington

Trampoline Synchro Boys 11-12

Fletcher Perry and Alex Watson seemed to get things well under way in the start of the Synchro competition.  However they performed different 10th skills – one rudi ball out and one barani ball out and were only marked out of 9.  Nathan Bailey and Jordan George completed a good Synchro routine to make the group’s finals in 4th place.


Trampoline Synchro Girls 11-12

Megan Lillington and Sophie Burr took the lead after their strong routine.  Lucy Ryall and Zoe Brookes then proceeded to tie with them on 41.9 going into 2nd place based on the count back ruling, and both pairs making the final.


Trampoline Synchro Boys 17-18

Danny Creedon and Nick Joyce finished in what was deemed a reasonable sychro routine.  Slightly out at times they managed to finish together.  It would appear though that different skills may have been performed as this is how the scores reflected.  Michael Wood and Jason Harvey successfully finished their routine without any trouble.


Trampoline Synchro Girls 17-18

Katie Woodgate and Lisa Blackburn made a reasonable to start to their routine and went on to finish it ok.  Stacey Dann and Hannah Davies out classed everyone in their group performing a superb routine taking the lead by a massive 2.7 straight into the final!