Trampoline Girls13-14

After a long wait, Katie Ianson got GB under way in the fifth group.  She completed a steady routine that was good enough to put her through to the final in 6th.  The seventh group saw Claire Stapenhill, Emma Scanlon and Lani Dacey all compete.  Claire performed a nice routine maintaining her height well.  Emma picked up cramp during her routine but coped well down tariffing to finish 10 skills.  Lani produced the best routine finishing 4th at the end of her group qualifying for the final. 


Trampoline Boys 13-14

Thomas Foreman was first to compete.  He looked a little shaky and had rather a close encounter with the end mat.  Joe Mcadam made a lovely start to his routine but strayed in the middle of it to hit the end mat.  

Liam Abrahams competed just after Joe.  He finished a good routine.  Steven Williams was last to jump.  He also successfully completed his routine although there will not be any GB representation in the final for this group. 


Amy Jane Still Jordan Chung Sarah Turner

DMT Boys 11-12

Mitchell Benham and Jordan Chung got the DMT off to a flying start with both passes well executed.

Nathan Bailey completed both of his without any problems at all.


DMT Girls 11-12

All three DMT girls came out to compete in the second group of the day.  Emma Britton, Amy Jane Ross and Elise Gibbins all successfully performed their first round passes.  In the second round amongst a field of multiple somersaults being performed by others, they all stuck their passes like glue for a 100% success rate, well done.


Tumbling Boys 15-16

Gary Aspinal had loss of momentum in his first tumble, but picked up well for his second which included two double somersaults.  He has been one of only a few to do so.  Greg Boosey also came into trouble in his first tumble putting his hands down.  He then produced a much stronger second round.  Steven Newey struggled with his first tumble and just about managed to hold onto the ending of his second.

Peter Mewse unfortunately had to withdraw due to injury.


Tumbling Girls 15-16

The first three GB competitors all competed in the second group.  Jennifer Dawes and Sarah Turner both performed good opening tumbles however Laura Housan was unlucky to land hers short on knees.  Zara Mclean put in a good clean tumble, whilst in the second round strong performances were put in by all.  Sarah, Zara and Jennifer all qualified for finals. 


DMT Boys 17-18

Dominic Swaffer executed two excellent passes to score 69.2 and lie 2nd at the end of the first group with still two more groups to come.  Dom eventually qualified for the final in 5th place.

Luke Castillo and Jason Harvey are also part of this team but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control, are unable to compete.


DMT Girls 17-18

Abi Silver was our only participant in this group.  She just managed to secure her first pass, but lost her dismount in her second.


Gary Aspinal Jennifer Dawes Sarah Turner

Trampoline Synchro Girls 13-14

Lani Dacey and Claire Stapenhill performed well in this, so well that their performance put them into 2nd and the final.

Emma Scanlon and Katy Ianson started well but with some travel at the end of Emma’s routine she unfortunately touched the end mat on her 9th skill.


Trampoline Synchro Boys 13-14

Steven Williams and Joe Mcadam safely made it through their routine.  Thomas Foreman and Liam Abrahams performed an excellent synchro and finished 2nd qualifying for the final.


Claire Stapenhil - Lani Dacey Steven Williams - Joe Mcadam