IAGGs Finals Day 1


First Medals, 2xGold, 2xSilver & 2xBronze!


Day 1 sees finalists in all of the days events except unfortunately both boys and girls 13-14 tumbling.


First out was Sophie Burr in the Girls 11-12 Trampoline.  She put in an amazing performance, much improving on her 6th place going into the final to gain our first medal of the Games and take silver. 


Hannah Davies was next in the Girls 17-18 Trampoline.  Her first skill travelled forwards down to the red line, leaving Hannah a lot of work to do for the rest of the routine.  She picked it up well to finish.  Looking as though she had dropped 2 places, the tariff judges rectified her tariff to move her back up and maintain her 4th place. 


Asha Philip was our only DMT finalist of the day, competing in the Girls 15-16 age group.  She steamed down the track completing a fantastic out (p), in out (t) dismount.  The rest of the field crumbled under the pressure and Asha went into the second pass in the lead.  She then followed up with the best out (t) spotter, in out (p) dismount we are likely to see in the entire event!  The judges thought so too, and Asha took the Gold medal.  Well done Asha and Coach Nick, Good Job!  ☺


Next were the Boys and Girls Trampoline Synchro 11-12 which featured 3 British pairs.  First were the boys, Nathan Bailey and Jordan George.  Their routine was a little out at times but they successfully completed their routine together.  Lucy Ryall and Zoe Brookes were next.  They were apart for the majority of their routine, but made it to the end.  Megan Lillington and Sophie Burr were the last GB competitors of the day.  They drifted slightly towards the end of the routine and finished 2nd over all with Lucy and Zoe 3rd.    Nathan and Jordan also took bronze.


In the Boys 17-18 Trampoline Synchro were Michael Wood and Jason Harvey in which they produced their best routine of the day.  Last to compete on the first day were Stacey Dann and Hannah Davies.  They put in the best trampoline synchro performance both in the preliminaries and the final to take 1st place and GBs second Gold of the day.


Stacey and Hannah Megen and Sophie, Zoe and Lucy Asha