IAGGS Day 3Qualification


Trampoline Girls15-16

Laura Gallagher was our first trampolinist of the day.  She had a fair amount of travel during her routine, and unfortunately hit the mat just over half way through.  Yasmin Gumbs made it through to the end of her routine after much hard work.  Laura Williams also finished her routine successfully.  Danielle Pietruszka was our last performer to go.  She only managed to complete the first few skills before hitting the end mat.


Trampoline Boys 15-16

Luke Rendall competed a steady routine that at one point nearly touched the end mat, but none the less went on to successfully finish it.

Matthew Wright at his second attempt of in bouncing performed a strong, consistent routine.  Michael Freeman (called up as reserve) completed a good steady routine.  However so far no one had qualified for the final with only one more competitor, Tom Lewis left to go in the sixth group.  He looked unsettled in his in bouncing, but after stopping once, he produced the best performance by the British boys and finished 6th qualifying for the final.


DMT Boys 13-14

Alex Foster, Mark Pennel and Thomas Foreman all performed in the same group for this event.  All successfully achieved their passes with a few bunny hops and steps here and there! 

Michael Dodson looked far from happy with his first pass which landed just outside the custard.  On his second pass, Michael just caught the DMT with his arm on the way down from his dismount. 

Imogen Gunner Laura Gallagher Megen Green


DMT Girls 3-14

Jennifer Benjamin performed 2 very good passes, getting GB off to a great start in the DMT.  Imogen Gunner was disappointed with her first pass of Bss (t) straddle jump.  She improved on this in her second pass.

Adeva Bryanís first pass was very good with just a small step after dismount.  She went on to finish her second, but seemed slightly disappointed after her dismount.

Emily Jane Still had a disappointing first pass jumping through the DMT.  Her second pass was better.


Tumbling Boys 11-12

All four boys competed together in the first group.  Shaun Gregory held his first tumble well, and stuck his second tumble full twisting double pike very well.  Connor Maloney was unlucky to lose his timing in his first tumble, but he much improved for his second.  Jamie Leach performed both passes superbly.  Kristof Willerton was ever so unlucky at the end of his first good tumble, after landing on the mat it then took his heels from underneath him.  He then went on to produce a strong second tumble.  Shaun Gregory qualified with his tumbles for the final.


 Tumbling Girls 11-12

Paige Clarke unfortunately injured herself on her first tumble and was unable to do her second.  Louisa Bellis had a disappointing competition as she was unable to stand at the end of both her tumbles.

Megan Green and Sharnah Evans were both competing in the last group.  They successfully completed their opening tumbles well, and followed these with two more equally strong tumbles each.  These were good enough to take both Megan and Sharnah through to the final.


Tumbling Girls 17-18

Lisa Holding had a disappointing first tumble coming in short on her knees.  She rectified this in her second and finished with a strong tumble.  Emily Davies scored lower than hoped on her first tumble, but picked up for her second.  Sophie Skillen had a good competition, each completing their passes with little trouble.   Sophie was unlucky to finish 7th narrowly missing he final.

(We have no representation in the Tumbling Boys 17-18 event.)


Shaun Gregory Tom Lewis - Luke Rendell

Trampoline Synchro Girls 15-16

Laura Williams and Laura Gallagher had trouble keeping the routine together at the beginning, but managed to get it together by the end.  Yasmin Gumbs and Danielle Pietruszka looked fantastic and finished their group in the lead with one more group left to go.


Trampoline Synchro Boys 15-16

Michael and Andrew Freeman competed a consistent routine, but unfortunately Michaelís final skill came in short and he lost deduction for touching the end mat.

Tom Lewis and Luke Rendall started out of synchro but by half way through got back together.  Both pairs go through to the final in 3rd and 4th with not much separating the top six.  With scores returning to zero, the prospects for this age final looks very exciting1