DAY 3 Finals


Ladies Individual Trampoline

Alaina Hebert was the first competitor of the Individual Finalists.  She got the finals off to a good start successfully completing a sound routine.  China’s Shanshan Huang followed.  Starting strong with 2 Triffs, she spent a lot of her routine at one end but recovered well to finish her routine.  Next was home favourite Andrea Lenders.  She didn’t disappoint her fans and produced a very good routine with very little travel taking the lead above the USA and China.  Karen Cockburn (Canada) had a tough act to follow.  She held her nerve well but went into 3rd place with her performance.  Russia’s Natalia Chernova was next up.  Her routine also had little travel, and was good enough to take her into the lead over Lenders.  Olena Movchan (Ukraine) who had been lying 3rd after the preliminaries was next to compete.  Her sound routine took her into a disappointing 5th place.  Olympic Champion Anna Dogonadze (Germany) then executed a routine nailed to the cross, scoring 38.3 to go into 2nd.  The pressure was now on the last competitor, Irina Karavaeva (Russia) to perform.  The early part of her routine saw her narrowly avoid hitting the mat.  She recovered well and went on to take the title.


Mens Individual Trampoline

The first in the Men’s Trampoline event was German Knytchev (Ukraine).  Unfortunately with his last skill coming in under rotated, German was unable to complete his routine.  Next was Chinese competitor Zhi Cheng Que with his amazing 4 Triff start.  He managed to stay on, having travelled rather a lot and finished his 10 skills.  Danish man Peter Jensen followed but was unlucky to hit the side pad half way through his routine.  Italy’s Flavio Cannone made an excellent recovery from a very under rotated triple somersault but was unable to continue.  German Henrik Stehlik was next.  He managed to produce a consistent routine, although dropping a place.  The first of the Japanese was up next, Yasuhiro Ueyama.  He produced an amazing routine scoring a massive 40.9.  Alexander Rusakov (Russia) had to follow.  He started with a 3 triff start nailed to the cross but then began to travel a little.  He successfully completed another breath taking routine and took the lead with 41.3!  The final competitor was the second Japanese, Tetsuya Sotomura.  His routine wandered slightly around the trampoline and he dropped into 3rd, giving Japan 2nd and 3rd with the Chinese nowhere in sight and also making a Russian Mens and Ladies double World Title.


Michael Scott-Beaulieu Mens Champions Ladies Champions


Ladies DMT

Ladies DMT final featured 6 of the 8 performers from 3 Countries:  Portugal, Russia and Canada.  The first round was far from your average passes, with a ½ out mount straight performed by both Jane Bickerstaffe and Julie Warnock (Canada) and a triple back (tucked) dismount by Antoniya Ivanova (Bulgaria).  The leader after the preliminaries, Katarina Prokesova (Slovakia) surprisingly failed in her run up and mount onto the double-mini scoring 0s.

In the 2nd pass round, Antoniya Ivanova (Bulgaria) totally lost her footing, slipped and ran right through the mini.  The first Canadian, Jane Bickerstaffe failed to dismount.  Her team mate Julie Warnock hit the side pad on the way down from her first skill.  Only Anna Ivanova completed her pass from the Russian camp.  Katarina Prokesova (Slovakia) was last to go and performed an interesting full in half out (tucked) mount followed by a full twist jump dismount!  Both Portuguese successfully completed both their passes giving them 1st (Silvia Saiote) and 3rd (Ana Simoes), with Anna Ivanova (Russia) taking 2nd.


Mens DMT

Unlike the Ladies DMT, the Mens featured 8 performers from 8 different nations, including Michael Scott-Beaulieu representing Great Britain.  Michael was lying 5th after the preliminaries.  Russian Alexey Ilichev got the competition under way and was followed by a strong pass by German Nico Gärtner.  Michael was up next and successfully nailed his first pass.  He dropped a couple of places but still there was all to play for in the 2nd pass.  In the mean time, Radostin Rachev (Bulgaria) nailed an outstanding pass to take the lead.  Bruno Nobre (Portugal) who had been leading after the preliminaries failed in his mount and scored 0s.  It would seem now that the DMT double of Ladies and Mens Portuguese World Titles would not match that of the Ladies and Mens Russian World Trampoline Titles.  In the 2nd pass, Russian Alexey Ilichev also had trouble with his mounting, while German Nico Gärtner hit a good triff tucked mount and successfully nailed his dismount.  Michael Scott-Beaulieu had a hard act to follow.  Having made a good mount, he was unable to successfully complete his dismount.  Bryan Milonja (Canada) hit a good 2nd pass, to match his first as did Keith Douglas (USA) to over take Milonja.  Radostin Radchev (Bulgaria) performed a superb 2nd pass to take victory over Douglas (2nd) and Gärtner (3rd).


Ladies Individual Tumbling

Again in the Ladies Individual Tumbling, 6 of the 8 competitors came from just 3 Countries:  USA, Russia and of course, Great Britain – Zoe Maclean and Samantha Palmer!  The USA looked strong with both performers successful. Zoe started well with a full twisting double layout, and fought hard to then end of her tumble scoring a disappointing 27.6.  Samantha started strong and finished strong, completing a good tumble.  The first of the Russians, Elena Bluzhina appeared a little untidy.  Her team mate Anna Korobeynikova however came steaming down the tumble to take the lead from Samantha.  She was followed by Ukrainian Olena Chanbanenko who finished her first tumble on her knees and go into the 2nd round in 2nd place.  In the 2nd round, Zoe picked up and completed a much better pass as did Russian Elena Bluzhina.  Samantha successfully finished her tumble with only a minor step at the end, holding her place with just 2 performers left.  Anna Korobeynikova (Russia) determination ensured she held her position after a clean tumble.  The last performer Olena Chabanenko (Ukraine) had some ground to make up after landing on her knees in the first round.  Finishing with quite a large pace back at the end, the Ukrainian ended up 2nd with Korobeynikova 1st and Samantha 3rd.  Our first medal of the Championships, congratulations Sam!


Zoë Maclean Samantha Palmer Damien Walters Samantha Palmer


Mens Individual Tumbling

Could Damien match Sam and medal?  He was in a tough group consisting of already a Chinese 1st and 2nd, with 2 other French men.  Poland’s Jozef Wadecki opened the final with a fantastic tumble.  Damien followed with a well recovered tumble, finishing just short of the end mat.  The Chinese hit a fantastic tumble, first led by Yang Chen complete with 3 double somersault including full extension from his shapes.  Jiexu Wang also stuck a similar pass with amazing strength, power and height on his double somersaults.  They really looked a class above the rest of the field in the final.  This was shown by total audience appreciation of what they had just witnessed.  Second round saw a good opener again by pole Jozef Wadecki.  The French were disappointing in the first round  but Yves Tarin finished his second with a triple twisting double layout.  Damien followed suit with an equally commendable tumble, improving upon his first although his disappointment was clear to all.  The Chinese maintained their high standards as demonstrated in the first round and steamed to victory, making 1st China (Wang), 2nd China (Chen), 3rd Poland (Wadecki).


Ladies Synchro

This was to prove an exciting competition , with the final featuring hopeful medallists Jaime Moore and Claire Wright representing Great Britain.  The Japanese (Hanmoto and Seto) got the competition under way with good demonstration of synchro and showing why they made it through to todays final.  The Belarusian team of Petrenia and Tarasevich rather surprisingly hit the during their routine.  Next up were Cockburn and Maclennan from Canada.  With a fair amount of travel, they finally made it through to the end of their 10 skills and this was good enough to take the lead so far.  Russians Chernova and Karavaeva also completed a strong routine with Brits, Claire Wright and Jaime Moore next to compete.  The pressure was on with the Russians going into 1st.  Claire had a lot of travel and the synchro wasn’t its best during the middle of the routine although they got it back together towards the end.  The routine dropped them to 4th.  Next were the Ukrainian pair of Movchan and Domchevska.  With what started a lovely routine, it deteriorated slightly towards the end.  They dropped to 5th below Jaime and Claire.  The USA (Hebert and Parilla) seemed to execute a good routine however it would appear their first skills were deemed different and dropped to 7th with 0 score much to the crowds aghast.  Germans Dogonadze and Simon then had to proceed.  Out of synchro at times they held their routine together well but finished in 3rd, making Russia both Ladies World Synchro and Individual Trampoline Champions.


Mens Synchro

Jensen and Hansen (Denmark) were the first men to successfully complete their routine, and it wasn’t a bad one at that scoring 48.7.  The Swiss (Boillet and Martin) also hit a good clean routine that was well in synchro too, with 49.5.  The Dutch home favourites (Mooij and Villafuerte) had a fantastic start to their routine, drifting slightly at the end however.  The German pair of Serth and Stehlik completed a steady 10 bounce routine, something France (Jala and Laifa) and Ukraine (Makovetski and Vrazhkin) had already failed to do.  The Belarusians (Kakorko and Kazak) executed a staggering final, destined to take the lead with only one pair left to go:  Sotomura and Ueyama from Japan.  Their routine started faultless and heading nowhere but victory.  They then out slightly half way through.  Picking up for the ending, it wasn’t enough and they dropped from 1st to 3rd, Belarus World Champions and a surprise Swiss team 2nd.