In the ladies DMT our three competitors Nicola Petitt, Nicola Pugh, and Asha Bayliss were up against stiff competition. Two of the Canadians were competing with tariffs of over 7.0, and most other nations well into the 6.0 area. The USA dominated the team event with all of their competitors doing good passes, taking their team into the lead by 3.9 on 203.5. Individually no one team stood out. Katarina Prokesova (SVK) managed to get the judges in line and received 9.5 from each judge on both passes. And will go into the final in first place, but with all eight finalists only 2.6 between them the final of this event should be close.

Our best performance was from Nicola Pugh who completed good passes to receive 64.7 and finish in 15th.

Nicola Petitt also competed her passes well, scoring in the low 9 for both passes, and finished 18th with a total score of 63.4.

Asha Bayliss completed a good first pass, but her spotter skill in the second pass, double back, was a little short and she was not able to do her intended dismount. She managed top think quickly and performed a straddle jump enabling her to get scored from two, but with a loss of tariff. She finished 20th with a score of 60.9.

With only three team members ahsas quick thinking to do two moves enabled the team to score high enough to get in the team final. The team were so excited with this prospect and coach Nick Earle said This is more than we expected, and we are looking forward to a zero final event where there is the possibility of taking a medal.

The Brits finished 15th Nicola Pugh 64.7, 18th Nicola Petitt 63.4, 20th Asha Bayliss 60.9

Team 5th 189.0



Zo Maclean Sarah Bellis Nicola Pugh Nicola Petitt



A very good start for our young Womens team in the preliminary event! Sarah Bellis, Donna Maclean, Zo Maclean (not related)  and Samantha Palmer, qualified through to team finals in first place.


1st Great Britain

2nd Russia

3rd U.S.A.

4th France

5th Ukraine


Two have qualified through to finals, Samantha Palmer's first run was round-off whips through to double straight, whip flick through to double pike scoring 33.30. her second run was barani full twist through to full full puck and for this run she scored 34.10. this has qualified Sam through to third place in finals behind Olena Chabanenko of Ukraine and Anna Korobeynikova from Russia. Samantha has just recovered from a knee injury that has kept her out of the International scene for 18 months.


Zo Maclean s first run was round-off whips through to double straight through to double pike and her second run was barani whip full twist through to full in straight.


Donna Maclean had come out of retirement to compete in this competition after our top tumbler, Katherine Peberdy had broken her foot in the World Games. It was good to see Kath at these Championships, supporting the team.

Donnas first run was barani, whips through to double straight and she scored 30.40 finishing in 12th place overall. Her second tumble, round off twist through to full in pike gave her a score of 31.50.


The youngest girl of the team, Sarah Bellis came 13th overall on her first World Championships and only her second international. Her first tumble was barani whips through to double straight and her score was 30.80. her second tumble was barani twist twist through to full in pike and she scored 31.10.


The Brits finished 3rd Samantha Palmer 67.4, 5th Zoe Maclean 65.5 (Finals Sunday) 12th Donna Maclean 61.9, 13th Sarah Bellis 61.9

Team 1st 195.2, Finals Friday Eve.