Ladies Team Trampoline Finals

First performers from both Ukraine and Germany (Catherine Auerbach) fell off in their first round routines.  The Russian made a good attempt at also jumping off the end, but managed to complete her routine, as did the first American performer (Jenny Westcott).  China also completed their first round routine successfully.  In round 2, German Jessica Simon was the only performer to finish her routine early.  Everybody else competed their 10 skills.  Round 3 saw a good routine by Olena Movchan (Ukraine), and a well saved routine by Alaina Hebert (USA).  German Anna Dogonadze followed and was the only member in her team to complete a 10 bounce routine.  Irina Karavaeva (Russia), next up, performed a fantastic routine starting with 2 Triff start, the only Female in the Ladies group to do so.  Finally, the Chinese (Don Luo) was last to compete.  All 3 Chinese ladies (Shanshan Huang being the 2nd to jump) finished their routines competently, taking the title of Ladies Team World Champions.


Mens Team Champions (China) Ladies Team Champions (China)


Mens Team Trampoline Finals

Competing for GB in the Final were Simon Milnes, Gary Smith and Mark Alexander.  Also in the final were Japan, China, Russia and Portugal.  With scores back to zero, it was all to play for.  First up was Portugal (Diego Faria), who set the standards high.  Next competitor was our first for GB, Simon Milnes.  Simon managed to complete his routine in dramatic style, recovering well after a lot of travel and a near miss with the end mats.  Russia were up next with Alexander Leven.  He also managed to find his feet for his tenth skill in another exciting routine.  Still two more competitors to go, China and Japan and the audience were already on the edge of their seats.  ZuChing Que (China) opened with a 4 Triff start to a routine that didnít leave the cross!  Last performer of the round was Japanís Shaisuke Nagasaki.  He showed phenomenal strength and power for another routine glued to the cross.  Diego Ganchinho (Portugal) first up in round 2 hit the end mat at the end of his routine.  Portuguese were the first to go a man down.  Next up was Brit Gary Smith.  Not disappointing his fans in the crowds, Gary finished a strong routine.  Russian German Knytchev was next on.  With some travel he managed to complete his routine.  The Chinese performer Qipeng Liu was the penultimate to go in round 2.  The height on his in bouncing was staggering.  He then opened with a 4 Triff start.  Travelling in the middle of his routine he made it to the end.  A massive 81.1 for the first two routines!  Finally Japanís Yasyuko Ueyama ended round 2 in a tight battle between the Japanese and Chinese.  Japan finished with 79.4 dropping behind China.  The 3rd round was to be a very exciting one indeed, with 3rd place still to play for too.  Nuno Merinho brought Portugalís quest to an end with a successful routine.  Mark Alexander was our last performer for Great Britain.  Keeping the standards set by Simon and Gary in tact, Mark performed a good routine taking our team score up to 112.2.  Well done boys!  Alexander Rusakov followed from Russia.  Having had a very near miss with the mat, he managed to finish his routine, taking his team total to 117.5.  The final Chinese to go was Shui Ye.  Starting with a piked triff rudi out, he completed his routine, taking the Chinese on to 122.1.  Finally Japanís Tetsuya Sotomura was last to jump.  Not faltering under the pressure from the Chinese he completed an outstanding routine.  However this wasnít quite enough and the Japanese finished with 120.6 in 2nd place.


Gary Smith Simon Milnes Mark Alexander


Ladies Team DMT Finals

Nicola Pugh was not only the 1st competitor to represent GB, but the 1st of the group.  She got us off to a good start and scored 32.3.  The Russians, Canadians, Portuguese and Americans all followed up with strong passes high in difficulty.  Next for Great Britain was Asha Bayliss.  Asha unfortunately had a problem with her mount and landed on the push in mat.  The next Russian followed suit and also land on the mat on her mount.  The next Canadian up managed to dismount but very under rotated landed on hands, knees and face.  It seems all was now to play for.  The next Portuguese completed a very sound pass, with only one more competitor left in round 2.  The USA, with a lot of travel managed to complete their 2nd pass.  Nicola Petitt was the last and final performer for Great Britain.  With a steady Ĺ out mount, she successfully completed her double back dismount.  The Final Russian finished her pass, taking them above GB.  Canada moved above Russia with a very good final pass, again high in difficulty.  Portugal then produced a strong final pass also high in difficulty, to take the lead with just the USA left to go.  Travelling the length of the landing area, USA finished their final pass dropping to 2nd behind Portugal, with Britain finishing 5th


Nicola Petitt Asha Bayliss Nicola Pugh The team


Mens Team DMT Final

Bulgaria set the standard in the Mens Team final.  Spain performed next but landed outside the landing zone on the area costing them a penalty.  The power and strength produced by the USA continued from the preliminaries.  Their first pass was very strong indeed.  Russia followed, but their performer ended up leaving the landing area entirely.  The last performer of the first round was Canada.  The pass stuck like glue and took them into the lead.  The second passes were all successfully completed.  In the 3rd pass, Bulgaria finished with a successful pass.  Spain finished theirs with a triple back dismount!  The final American going for all out difficulty, Triff Mount tucked, triple back tucked failed and hitting the penalty zone finished with just a double back dismount.  Russia held their nerve with a superb final pass and only Canada left to go.  Canada stuck their 3rd pass to win the title.

Ladies Team Tumbling Final

There were high hopes for the British Ladies Team Tumblers who went into the final in the lead.  Again score returned to zero.  Also competing were Ukraine, USA, Russia and France.  The French Team looked very strong and set the precedent high, overtaking the lead set by the Ukraine.  The USA couldnít maintain the standard and finished short of the end of the tumble.  Russia raised the standards back up again with a good first tumble.  ZoŽ Maclean was first for Great Britain and got the team off to a great start taking the lead.  The 2nd tumble started with another average tumble by the Ukraine and a head drop landing by the French.  The USA were more successful this time round, and they were followed the Russians who couldnít stand their final skill.  2nd up for Great Britain was Samantha Palmer.  Samantha did a good tumble but was unlucky to put her hands down on landing on the mat.  None the less, GB still had the lead.  Again the Ukraine final tumbler landed on knees.  The last French tumbler successfully completed the round with only a step at the end of her tumble.  USA also finished their competition with a good tumble taking the lead over France and the Ukraine.  Just 2 left to go and next up was Russia.  Finishing their final tumble very well indeed and over taking the USA, the pressure was on Donna Maclean last to go in the event for Great Britain.  Donna unfortunately missed her landing on her feet onto the mat and Great Britain dropped to 4th


Donna Maclean Samantha Palmer Zoe Maclean


Mens Team Tumbling Final

Great Britain had no representation in this, even though it had been expected.  Teams were France, Canada, Russia, USA and China.  The final was a spectacular showcase of power, strength and nerve which was eventually won by the Chinese.